Thursday Night Football Recap (Pats @ Jets)

Chris Simmons (@sik0simmons)

Jets 10 (vs. Bills 0-1  9/22)

Patriots 13 (vs. Bucs 0-1  9/22)

The Pats narrowly escape the Jets, who turn the ball over 5 times in this messy 13-10 game.
The Pats narrowly escape the Jets, who turn the ball over 5 times in this messy 13-10 game.

Why we watched?

Who wouldn’t to watch the unofficial end of the Sanchize against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? It’s like getting a private screening to that bad movie everyone will be talking about next week.  Unfortunately for Brady, there was no good and the Patriots contributed to the bad and the ugly in this game.

What did we learn?

**Tom Brady is pissed.  It’s not often that you see such a great quarterback surrounded by such a dearth of wide receiver talent but the Patriots WRs were awful in this one. While Brady did miss a few early throws I watched him stand in the pocket and deliver some absolute strikes only for his wide out to drop the sure TD. Dobson and Thompkins were targeted a combined 17 times and pulled down 5 catches and while they ended up with 103 yards and a TD, they both spent the night playing hot potato with the football.

**Geno Smith pulled a Sanchez.  What does that mean? He lost a winnable game because of bad decision making and missed reads. That being said, he stood in the pocket and delivered some big throws but was also often let down by his receivers especially Stephen Hill who caught 4 of  8 passes thrown his way, dropped the other 4, and fumbled one after the catch. Still, 3 picks (all in the 4th quarter) is not the way to build on what momentum they had after that awful game last Sunday. However they were able to get some production out of their run game (129 yds off 32 shared rushes) which will be important for Smith moving forward.

Tom Brady is...pissed.
Tom Brady is…pissed.

**The AFC East is wide open. With the Patriots barely eking out wins against the two teams that have historically lined the bottom of the division, the top of the class doesn’t seem so high up. The Dolphins look to be the most improved team this year but that’s not saying much in a division starting two rookie QBs, Ryan Tannahill, and a neutered Patriots offense. Expect the winner of this division to have a 9-7 record at best.

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