video In Rotation: A Trippy Trap Track from WiseProof – “More More More More”


Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)

Two decades in the rap game and WiseProof is still blitzing the indie market with heavy-handed haymakers against materialism. His latest trap-inspired single, “More More More More,” flew up the Indie digital radio tracker (DRT) charts landing at #15 and the US DRT charts at #82. With the release of a fantastically gravid music video, the self-proclaimed Negha Llama’s star will undoubtedly shine even brighter. Visual effects editors, Eddie Akaba and Christopher Middleton, add velocity to the dreamy music video — collocating light, graceful pirouettes with an aggressive metallic canvas. WiseProof’s breakneck antagonistic lyricism bleeds with indie ethic. While the themes of the video might be a bit conspicuous, WiseProof offers relief in his rhymes, layering his disgust for greed with a recognition that desiring more is natural — to want everything is where his counterparts usually fall off the rails. WiseProof wants more transcendence, more heads bent towards a trap galaxy wide enough for revolutionary motifs revolving around fat ass bass. “I want more,” he flows while opening the door to a strawberryfieldsforever chimera — after this trippy showcase, so do we.

Luckily, his new, genre-bending EP “Trapadelic” will be available early this summer.


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