In Rotation: PORT OF Est. – “Clash”

by Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)


Following the release of their video for “Valentine in My Headphones,” Portland electronic band, PORT OF Est., excited electronica fans hankering for depth in between the downbeats. The duo, consisting of Hannah Tarkinson and Todd Kitchens, is upfront with their solace and reckoning. Their new single “Clash” is a haunting head-bobber with an unraveling emotional vitality. Lead vocalist, Tarkinson, mesmerizes against Chandler Rentz’ mean, measured drum licks. Tim Watts performs a generous and soul-stirring guest spot as synth bass backing Tarkinson’s reverbed wails on “Clash.” PORT OF Est. specializes in cinema-art-pop, showing no particular fidelity to throwback synthpop and trades cheekiness for emotional vitality.  Their sound feels developed beyond their two years of experience together and the thoughtfulness is a fresh change in a genre that feels simplistic all too often.

Under their self-created record label, Delphinium Music, the duo is set to release their debut album, “Onyx Moon,” on April 26, 2016. Mixed by Jonathon Wyman and mastered by Grammy award winner, Adam Ayan, the post-production crew adds maturity and daring to an already audacious vocality. The project will undoubtedly be a pleasure for longtime electronic fans and newcomers alike.


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