In Rotation: Totemic – “Falling” EP

by Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)

Toronto DJ and violinist, Totemic, operates well in a frenzy. His forthcoming EP, Falling, is a busy diatribe of fast-paced, bare bass and snare drum electronica. Complete with predictable build-ups and spotty digressions, Falling is a quick listen that jumps from mystic warped synth in “Devil’s Heart” to menacing bass of “Endless Dream.” There are plenty of sonic textures that Totemic is able to work with; the artist has many tools at his disposal from his electronic fiddle to his looper pedal, but the ultimate result isn’t a quintessentially innovative sound.

The lead single “Falling” sprints to the finish line with a forceful pride that doesn’t deliver on its vigilance but is a fun and frivolous quickie nonetheless.

Minimalist mixing with heavy synths is all the rage in today’s electronic music. While Totemic does have some notable moments including a determined underground rave record called “Static Blitz,” the melodies are just cool enough for a first listen and not much more. If you’re in the market for some atmospheric, minimalist drum kits with hit-or-miss breakdowns give Totemic a shot. His vibes could help you focus on a lazy afternoon. But the simplistic piano chords and predictably pop electro noise isn’t necessarily inspiring enough to carry you through an entire work day.

Totemic’s forthcoming EP, Falling, will be released May 17th via his SoundCloud.


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