In Rotation: RonjoV – “Ronjoism”

by Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)


RonjoV’s Ronjoism, is fogged in simplicity. We’re talking barebones streaky guitar strings and muffled drum kits. We’re talking small town college acoustic night, simple. But RonjoV, (a duo made up of Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan), reflecting its Austin roots,  is not as modest as it seems.

Following an Arctic Monkeys blueprint, RonjoV excels in layering all these traditional sounds together. The primitivity is a nice backdrop to wavering, eerie, vocals. Ryans’ voice is masterfully disparate on the singles, “Slo Motion” and “Dying Wish,” filling out Keith’s electronic guitar riffs with energetic rage. Alternative, almost to a fault, I’d love to hear the band take on punk rock outright, go ball’s out and vulgar. But they hold themselves back from diving headfirst into the chaos. The duo is stiff behind such run-of-the-mill chord progression. The conservatism only emphasizes the need for more experimentation with gripping sound. Aiming for a particularly a mellow vibe, Ronjoism shutters the one quality that perks our ears in the first place — the ghostly conjure of conflicting noise. Only giving it to us in insignificant moments is unsatisfying.

Ronjoism is a quick snapshot that has its faults but RonjoV’s promising potential is clear on this record. RonjoV has a hungry energy that thumps through the mundanity of Ronjoism’s valleys, making it a quick, if frivolous, listen.

Listen to Ronjoism here


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