Jam Dis: Bryson Green – “Fallen Stars”

by Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)

Fresh off an announcement of a new project, “Go Green: Season,” Atlanta emcee, Bryson Green dropped “Fallen Stars,” — just the ninth of the eventual 52 singles the artist will release for promotion. Uplifting and braggadocious, Green is convincingly poetic even amongst all the electricity. The chorus, “We’re just fallen stars/From how high, we’ve come so far,” is catchy but it’s that speedy percussive rhythm that keeps us hitting the repeat button.


Vocally, Green ain’t sangin but his melodic work isn’t really the main feature here. Delivering inspiring lines of self-determination — “God got me locked in a constellation/Tapped in a heaven of my creation” — the freedom that Green exhibits as he leaps from one encouraging mantra to the next is magnetic. Though this track might be buried by the long list of joints that Green has rolled up for the next year or so, taking the time to pause and enjoy this one will definitely lighten the mood a bit.

Bryson Green will be releasing a song a week for the next year on his SoundCloud, so be sure to bookmark that to keep up with this fresh new artist.


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