“Faux Hearts” – Ave Emi (EP Review)

~Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)


Provided a burst of energy from the Denver-based producer, Davey Boy, Ave Emi’s six-track EP, Faux Hearts is a thundering addition to the growing pool of trap-R&B crossover records. For better of worse, Ave Emi is reading the cards on popular music. Trap music’s skulking bass beats and soul’s catchy melodies are a common marriage these days  and”Faux Hearts”, pumped by layered kick drums and blatant sexual imagery, is a honeymoon phase record. Emi’s lyricism is late-blooming, not yet as gravid and disillusioned as Future and lacking the mystique of Bryson Tiller; but his electric vocals carry the project sufficient, making Faux Hearts a worthwhile listen.

With noteworthy responses pouring in for the duo, Faux Hearts, proves seductive melodies can really overpower shallow lyricism. Imagery that alludes to an Angela Bassett arson scene aren’t the only predictable crowd-pleasers; auto-tuned and plain-spoken, Emi droans, “gotta get me one, gotta get me one/bad girls only yeah” on “Bad Only,” the first single of the project. Though the bridge, “You can’t sit with us,” is, again, a heavily meme’d image, Emi’s coolness carries the song to pop radio readiness. The Frank Ocean-inspired, “Influence,” is a brooding bass’d out romance with dynamic vocals to boot.

Ave Emi’s layered vocals are, at moments, very impressive. The EP is rounded out by the ballad, “Sheets,” a bubbling, crashing love song that Emi harmoniously glides through. This is when the artist is at his best, spittin’ game to his lover and shamelessly delivering a pulsing platitude. Needless to say, once he enters the radio atmosphere, he’ll find that he’s not alone.


Check out Ave Emi’s EP here


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