image Flip the Acoustic Switch – Chords of Truth “Wonder”

~Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)

In 2013, Chords of Truth released the”Reflections Project,” a collaborative LP where the solo artist dabbled in house music, trance, folktronica, and hip-hop. Three years later, Chords of Truth has dialed down the decibels with his new acoustic single, “Wonder,” that is sure to inspire those with an eye towards saving our future generation. Though utilitarian in theme and relative straightforward song construction, the song doesn’t leap. It lingers. Like a befuddling thought or a question that sits on the tongue. Tinged with slight self-righteousness, the ultimate goal, “creating a world without thirsting, without hatred, without fighting and wars” is never lost.

Chords of Truth has a Leonard Cohen problem–which is to say that they might not have a problem at all to some folks–wavering between preachiness and pragmatism without Cohen’s vehement self-critique. Social awareness without placing oneself within the context of the social feels pretty distant. The final verse of “Wonder” exudes this distance most poignantly. “I wonder bout the people who ponder/how we’re gonna make it to the next stage of this journey through the cosmos together.” I heard this and thought, wait so you wonder about people like you? That kind of critique just falls flat to me. That’s not to say that the song is disingenuous, but it does make it feel a little shallow.

The downplayed frustration of the current in this fashion, acoustically, works to the benefit of Chords of Truth. With each pull of a string, the song sanctimoniously substantiates the necessity of new voices shaking up the social scene. His voice might drone on, “who are they? I wonder what they could be/Who will help them see…if you won’t?” The song feels like a reflection only insofar as its very existence is the extent Chords of Truth would go to reveal the world’s atrocities. It’s the first step to assuaging old frustrations. Perhaps the new album will feature a depth of specificity and self-reflection that even those who are already socially aware can sink their teeth into as well.

Here’s where you can find Chords of Truth:




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