image [NEW SINGLE] Eddy Bayes – “Motionless”

~Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)


British songwriter Eddy Bayes long anticipated album, Drama Queen, released a new single “Motionless,” featuring a beautiful cello accompaniment by Abi Loutoo. The acoustic ballad may sound light–Bayes strumming is a soft cushion on which his tenor gently sits atop–but there is an inimitable dread that adds depth to this track. The reverb harmonization, especially in the 2nd verse, gives way to a heady and focused acoustic/cello bridge that’s a joy to hear. “So afraid of love running wild,” Bayes observes the timidity of a former lover. “Maybe you can wait for my hair to grow over my eyes,” he opines, saddeningly resigned to a meaningless reproach to his lover. Bayes casts greyness in a bright light–displaying an appreciation for hardship even while in the midst of the storm.

Bayes delights in the sunshine even when his heart is heavy. If this is any indication of what his new album, Drama Queen, will come to be, we’ve got a lot to be excited about.

Check out Eddy Bayes music videos





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