[NEW MUSIC REVIEW] SakkieFTW – Experiment1.3.2

~Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)

I wonder often if electronic artists hear their drums like characters in an emotive, sonic narrative. While listening to SakkieFTW’s new EP Experiment1.3.2 I’m convinced that this thesis could be true. The characters, articulated through meticulously contrived drum patterns, are swirling around a centralized concept specific to each song. The EPs first track, “Spiral,” is centered on the vocals of the project’s only guest feature, Kaeli McArter. The song begins like any other dubstep–heavy bass and synth’d piano strings with a pretty simple chord–but once McArter’s voice slithers onto the jam with a wavery, “spiiiirralllll” the record jumps into a revving drum pattern, only to give way when McArter re-enters the scene. The song is literally swirling around her vocals. The central idea became methodology. Hearing the ideological intersect with the sonic was really powerful.

The other tracks do something very similar (sans vocals). The title track is quicker paced, with buzzier drums. It features an accelerating 4/4 bass beat, with electric vacillations that are perfect for productivity. Though this track sounds like it’d fit on the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack, it’s key feature is the peeling away of polyrhythmic drum patterns. The record works to not only introduce Sakkie literally but acts as a marker for the emotive effect that SakkieFTW exhibits on the project in total. Though the structure of the song is very similar to “Spiral,” SakkieFTW shows little fidelity to any one pattern; deciding instead to add and remove at the drop of a dime. That kind of spontaneity keeps listeners enthralled in a sound that can become easily redundant.

The project isn’t without its faults. Thankfully, the weakest song, “In Chains,” is the last track on the record. It’s the most dubstep of all the tracks, but it’s also the most simplistically composed. It feels tacked on just for the sake of having five songs. But beyond that, the project is a great introduction to SakkieFTW’s drummed up characters and a meaningful switch up from the rather bland dubstep out now.

Keep up with SakkieFTW with these resources:



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