video [Music Video]: Bree Taylor – “Broken Dreams”

~Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)


As we march towards a more interlaced pop musical arena, where interests and industries intersect more often than they diverge, it makes sense that crossover stars are forming in the night sky. Unlike most crossover artists, Bree Taylor is attempting to bridge the gap between YouTube fame and musical appeal with a music video for her new single, “Broken Dreams.” The popular YouTube make-up artist is trying out her vocal chops on this tepidly pop instrumental with middling results.

I’m all for trying to enter new fields and admire Taylor’s willingness to jump right into making music with “Broken Dreams” but the song falls into a simple trap — the tone doesn’t much match the sound of the song. And, in turn, that dissonance makes the music video a little more difficult to understand. The video hopscotches through fun times between Taylor and an unnamed lover. The “just-married” quality in its scenes — Taylor and bae dance in luscious green fields, gently hold hands while intimately finger-tracing cute tattoos — speak to the moments predating her eventual heartbreak. With most of the visuals harkening back to the joyous moments in the relationship, Taylor’s lyricism, which is solely devoted to the woeful feelings of disappointment, doesn’t quite match the feel of the video. It’s not until well over three-quarters in, that we get our first notion of pain. And the execution is so hamfisted — we see Taylor break a mirror on the one, opening the bubbly vamp that concludes the song– that it lacks a particular uniqueness.

And I get it, the plight of pop is to create a sound and vision that are universal to a lot of people. It’s no doubt the aim here and that’s fine. But a lot of that time, in her efforts to be universal, we lose a sense of the real pain she might’ve felt. I, for one, would like to know the moment in which this lover left her hanging. There’s no real answer for that in the song. Perhaps, giving the audience a bit more to chew on in terms of creating more vivid lyrical imagery would help bridge that dissonance.

“Broken Dreams” is a less than stellar start for the young artist. Her vocals aren’t entirely special, often sounding a bit flat over pretty familiar chord progressions. She has her moments when she’s able to flex her range, but this song isn’t meant to really flex Taylor’s voice. Which, then, begs the question, what is it meant for? For this writer, it’s an introduction to the direction of her sound, one that many young teens might dig but anyone who’s ever actually felt the searing pain of heartbreak could see through the bare bones structure of the song. Give it a listen, but if “Broken Dreams” doesn’t inspire you to check out the rest of Taylor’s music, you probably aren’t alone.


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