[MUSIC VIDEO] Miss Eaves – “Hump Day”

~Tirhakah Love (@GoonTherapy)

Miss Eaves “Hump Day” is a blindingly quick cumshot in the eye of global male patriarchy. Inundated with the pale faces and fat assery of a boy-child dominated music genre, Miss Eaves punches back with the new music video for “Hump Day” — a masturbatory pleasure trove with relatively impressive body positive politic.

Eaves is the supa dupa flygirl with cursory tongue and cheekiness that hat-tips both Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj with electro-rap flava for the ear. Like Missy — and perhaps unlike Nicki — the suggestive images signifyin’ female self-play ain’t exploitative nor overtly sexualized. Instead, the video is reminiscent of Beyonce’s, “Rocket,” with a key difference, in that, Eaves ain’t placating to no hubby; “ain’t no bone, this is my treat.” And these women treat themselves. It’s all flower power with close up shots of women representing all body types and various ethnicities going from poker face to full on ooh-ahh uncontrollable climax.

If softcore porn is your shtick you came to the wrong place; this is about encouraging discovery and self-gratification, no matter what shape, size, hair etc. The shots are only relatively inclusive — no sign of representation from our darker toned nor our non-able bodied sisters (we still got work to do) — but the aim of the music video is certainly felt. Attractive and kinetic, Eaves drops heavy bars that are equal parts empowering and grin-inducing creating a fun track proving that the Brooklyn artist does indeed know best.



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